Welcome to the personal site of Peregrina Quintela Estévez



Full professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Santiago de Compostela, specialized in mathematical modeling, mathematical analysis and numerical simulation of physics, engineering and applied sciences models.

Throughout her career, she has combined teaching with research and transfer of knowledge, as well as launching and management of transfer infrastructures.

Her research in mathematical modeling has focused primarily on thermo-mechanical issues relating to solids using:

  • Linear and nonlinear behavior laws (Hooke, viscoelastic, viscoplastic, Norton Hoff, anisotropy).
  • Linear and non-linear boundary conditions (mixed conditions, contact conditions with or without friction)
  • Coupling phenomena of heat transfer and mechanical ones.
  • Analysis of cracks and their detection by Rayleigh waves.
  • Inverse problems.

In this environment, she has led or participated in several research projects and contracts with companies dealing with the simulation of thermo-mechanical deformation in cooling metal casting aluminum (ALCOA-INESPAL); the development of safe packaging systems to ship large stones (VascoGallega de Consignaciones-Kaleido), thermal and mechanical simulation of a heat exchanger (DETEGASA) or thermomechanical deformation of a filter bag structure (SiderNaval). Of particular interest are the projects in collaboration with Arcelor-Mittal for the simulation of multi-physical phenomena in blast furnaces.

Due to her interest in science transfer, she has also been involved, for example, in modelling thermoelectric phenomena with phase change arising in the process of aluminum electrolysis (ALCOA-INESPAL), thermo-hydro-chemical phenomena to predict the water quality of a lake in a open-cast mine (Lignitos de Meirama), heat transfer coupled to a damage model assess burns by airbags (Dalphi Metal) or optimizing granite blocks cutting in order to meet a certain request (Granitos Montefaro). In addition, she has led the formation of qualified technicians for companies.

Her broad interest in research and transference has led to the constant updating of her research lines, the improvement of course materials for increased value and accuracy, not only in undergraduate and master courses, but also in directed doctoral theses, academically directed works and undergraduate and master final project dissertations.

Due to her commitment to transferring and the need to promote the great potential of Mathematics for industry, in recent years, she has devoted a great part of her efforts to management duties. In particular, she is, or has been, coordinator of the  CESGA Node i-MATH PROJECT (2006-2012) and its Consulting Platform (2009-2012), President of the Spanish Network for Mathematics and Industry (math-in) (2011-2021), Director of the Technological Institute of Industrial Mathematics (ITMATI) (2013-2021), member of the Executive Board of the Stichting European Service Network of Mathematics for Industry and Innovation (EU-MATHS-IN)  (2015-2023), Vice-president of EU-MATHS-IN (2020-2023), President of the Spanish Platform for Modeling, Simulation and Optimization Technologies in a Digital Environment (PET MSO-ED) (2021-2023) and Chair of the EU-MATHS-IN Open Desk (2022-).

In 2016 she was honored with the María Wonenburger Prize, conceded by the Galician Government.