Research Experience

My research is focused on the biomonitoring of environmental pollution, both atmospheric and aquatic, using different organisms such as bryophytes, lichens, trees, algae, etc, and how this pollution can affect the environment.

I started my research in the field of biomonitoring air pollution in the group of Ecotoxicology and Plant Ecophysiology (ECOTOX) of the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (USC) in 2007 when I carried out my project of the Master of Environmental Engineering. I continued my research in the group (2008-2009), writing my thesis to obtain my degree in Biology, which I defended in November 2009.

I did my PhD studies (2010-2014) hired by projects in the ECOTOX group (USC) focus on methodological and eco-physiological aspects of the so-called "moss biomonitoring technique" to optimize the use of terrestrial mosses as good biomonitors of air pollution in Europe and worldwide. In the last quarter of 2013, I did a pre-doctoral stay funded by the European Project "MossClone" at University of Trieste (Italy) with Prof. Mauro Tretiach, expanding my knowledge on air quality biomonitoring with other different biomonitors such as lichens. My doctoral thesis (with a cum laude and International Doctor Mention) is a compilation of 6 studies, which received the Extraordinary PhD Award from the Faculty of Biology of the USC.

In 2015, I obtained a postdoctoral grant with a small associated project from the Universidad de Concepción (Chile) to carry out a 4-month study on the study of air quality in urban areas of Chile through biomonitoring of epiphytic lichens. Then in 2016 I got the postdoctoral contract of the Xunta de Galicia to work at the Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Change (Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal) with Prof. Cristina Branquinho in order to study moss-dominated biological soil crusts for use in ecological restoration projects and urban green roofs within the framework of current climate change.

In mid-2018, I returned to ECOTOX-USC with a one-year contract for the return of the Xunta de Galicia, then in 2019 I got another 2-year postdoctoral contract from the Xunta de Galicia. During this last period (2019 - until now), I started to investigate the potential use of trees as green filters for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in urban environments.

Teaching Experience

I have experience in teaching subjects related to ecology and sampling techniques with 160 hours of teaching in the Teaching Organization Plan (POD) from University of Santiago de Compostela, at BSc level, obtaining 4 very good ratings (score > 4.5, out of 5) in the students’ assessment of teachers. I have received the accreditation required for an Assistant Professor Position (Profesor Ayudante Doctor) from ANECA in 2015.

I have supervised 7 End-of-course projects in USC, and currently I am co‐supervising 1 PhD students (FPU associated)

I have also acted as ordinary member on the examination board of 1 PhD thesis.