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Light Pollution

  • Night Sky Brightness measurement networks


             - Galician Night Sky Brightness Monitoring Network (MeteoGalicia-USC)

             - Galician Night Sky Brightness Monitoring Network (Official website)

             - Galician Measurements map (Calidade do Ceo)

          Hong  Kong

             - Hong-Kong Night Sky Brightness Monitoring Network


            - CORDILIT


             - NachtMeetNet: Darkness in the Netherlands Online


             - SEA Pro-Am Measurement Network website 

             - REECL SQM Network data


             - Osservatorio Ambientale de la Svizzera Italiana

             - Map Viewer

  • Citizen Science projects

              - GLOBE at Night

              - GLOBE at Night (Galician webapp)

              - Buiometria Partecipativa (Italy)

              - IACO (Spain)

              - TimeLine (Spain)

              - Cities at Night

              - STARS4ALL (EU)

  • Dark-Sky Associations

              - Calidade do Ceo (Galicia)

              - Agrupación Astronómica Ío, A Coruña (Galicia)

              - International Dark-Sky Association

              - Cielo Buio (Italy)

              - Cel Fosc (Spain)

  • Research groups

              - Photonics4Life research group at USC (Galicia)

              - Loss of The Night Network (LoNNe) (EU)

              - REECL: Spanish Network for Light Pollution Studies (Spain)

              - GUAIX reasearch group at UCM (Spain)

              - Salvem la Nit - Univ. València (Spain)

  • Bibliography

              - IDA-LoNNe Artificial Light at Night (ALAN) Research Literature Database

              - Online repository of REECL

              - Online repository of Cel Fosc: General / Biodiversity /

/ Legal and technical issues / Consumption and savings /

/ Security and safety / Health / Teaching

/ Conference posters / Books

  • Other resources for education

             - A Perda da Escuridade (Galician version of IDA's LOSING THE DARK)