Current PhD Students

Verónica Castro Bustelo

Research project: Detection of chemical pollutants in Galician marine samples by high-resolution mass spectrometry


Javier López Vázquez

Research project: Determination of microplastics and related organic chemicals in the environment


Andrea Estévez Danta

Research project: Novel applications of wastewater-based epidemiology


Sandra Méndez Martínez

Research project: Development of analytical strategies to evaluate the environmental and human exposure to persistent and mobile contaminants


Previous PhD Students

Benigno J. Sieira Nóvoa

Dissertation title: Determination of transformation products formed during water disinfection by chromatographic techniques coupled to quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry

November 2020


Édgar Y. Ordóñez Orjuela

Dissertation title: Novel analytical methodologies for the determination of sweeteners and other polar organic pollutants by liquid chromatography

July 2017


M. Eugenia Villaverde de Sáa

Dissertation title: Development of analytical methods for the determination emerging pollutants in the marine environment

April 2017


Inés Racamonde Varela

Dissertation title: Development of analytical methodologies for the determination of pharmaceuticals and substances of abuse in water samples

July 2015