Research lines

This is a list of my main research interests:

  • Nonparametric methods and Spatial statistics (with Adrian W. Bowman)
  • Directional statistics (with Wenceslao González-Manteiga, Alberto Rodríguez-Casal, Eduardo García-Portugués (MSc student) and María Oliveira (PhD student))
  • Random fields theory (with María Dolores Ruíz-Medina)
  • Truncated data analysis (with Carla Moreira and Jacobo de Uña)
  • (Geo)Linguistic statistics (with María Ginzo and Xulio Sousa)

And just starting projects...

  • INLA and SPDEs (with the INLA group: Havard Rue, Finn Lindgren, Daniel Simpson, Janine Illian and Sorbye Sigrunn)
  • Applied multilevel models (with Eduardo Sánchez, Jasur Ismoilov and Fernando Sánchez)

(See my research papers for more details).