Roque Rodríguez Soalleiro

Department of crop productionPinares costeros de pino del país

Silviculture and forest plantations

High Polytechnic School of Lugo

23002-Lugo. Galicia, Spain


Building 1, basement floor, office 2. Ext. 23107.

tf. (34)982823107



Teaching activities

Silviculture, forest plantations, forest health, forest solid biofuels

Research interests 

Forest growth and yield models, silvicultural systems to produce timber and biomass, forest structure, forest fire prevention   

Member of the research group  "Unit of Sustainable Forest Management" GI-1837. A competitive reference group of the Galician University System 2011-2013 (Xunta de Galicia and FEDER)

Member of the Soanish Society of Forest Science (SECF)

Permanent page of the Spanish Forest National Congress