Roque Rodríguez SoalleiroRoque solo

Professor of silviculture

Silviculture and forest plantations

Department of vegetal production

High Polytechnic School of Lugo (EPS Lugo)


Academic education and teaching and research positions

  • Forest Engineer (1989), PhD (1995), Polytechnic University of Madrid
  • Researcher in the Forest Research Center of Lourizán (1990-1995)
  • Assistant professor and associate professor in EPS de Lugo (USC), (1991-2011)


  • Forest Engineering (EPS Lugo).
  • Master on agricultural and forest research (EPS Lugo)
  • Master of renewable energies and energy sustainability
  • Master of landscape architecture Juana de Vega

Positive evaluations of teaching and research

  • Teaching: 4 stages (5-year period)
  • Research: 2 stages (6-year period)

Supervision of doctoral thesis

  • Supervisor of 10 doctoral thesis, 3 of whom received awards to research quality. All of them with maximum marks
  • Nowadays a supervisor of two dostoral thesis

Supervision of degree and master dissertations

  • Supervisor or co-supervisor of 80 degree or master dissertations, mostly in the EPS Lugo