My current research interests include the following:

  1. existence of solutions for ordinary differential equations, with emphasis on equations with discontinuous or singular nonlinearities;
  2. functional differential equations (including delay differential equations, integro-differential equations,...);
  3. boundary value problems (including nonlocal conditions);
  4. theoretical approximation of solutions;
  5. existence of extremal solutions.

I have been so lucky in my investigation that I have had the opportunity of collaborating with many good researchers, and I learned lots of things from them! Some of the people I have worked with are Daniel C. Biles, Alberto Cabada, Marielle Cherpion, José Ángel Cid, Rubén Figueroa, Daniel Franco, Patrick Habets, Seppo Heikkilä, Eduardo Liz, Feliz M. Minhós, Juan J. Nieto, Donal O'Regan, Victoria Otero-Espinar, Rosana Rodríguez-López, Ricardo Roque Enguiça and Jan Tomeček.

You can get a quick impression of my research through bibliometric data from Scopus.

For a list of papers, please visit my Google Academic Profile here (see also MathSciNet or Zentralblatt for more information)