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M.J. Alonso Lab




pdf Posdoctoral Position-European HIV Vaccine Alliance





We are particularly involved in the translation of ideas from the university through novel pharmaceutical technology. Our scientific research involves the use of nanotechnologies to design innovative nanomedicines. We develop novel nanostructured materials intended to transport drugs and antigens across biological barriers and deliver them to the target tissue. We are specialized in the association of delicate molecules, including peptides, siRNA, antigens to these nanocarriers.

Current work in our laboratory includes:

- Creating new conceptual approaches for delivering protein drugs, antigens and genes across complex barriers in the body, such as the nasal, ocular and intestinal barriers (TRANSINT, NABBA, NANOFAR, SURFEYE).

- Designing and developing new nanocarriers for antigen delivery and investigating their adjuvant properties (nanovaccines) (NANOPILOT, NABBA, NANOFAR).

- Designing and developing nano-oncological therapies consisting of multifunctional nanocarriers targeted to the tumor cells, the tumor associated macrophages (TAM) and the lymphatic vessels (NICHE, NANOFAR)

Overall, our research has led to the development of novel nanotherapies for cancer, ocular and, in general, autoimmuno diseases, as well as new vaccines (novel HIV vaccines among others).