Application for in silico manipulation of DNA

The program is especially designed for Molecular Biology / Genetic Engineering students. It can be used for both scientific and educational purposes.

It allows in silico manipulation of DNA molecules using enzymes, in the same way these molecules are manipulated in the laboratory.  It is especially useful in designing DNA cloning experiments.


The program performs:  

  • DNA/RNA/Protein maps.
  • DNA cloning.  This includes all classical enzyme-based DNA cloning  techniques  (restriction enzymes, terminal transferase, chew back reactions, TA cloning, etc...) and all types of recombinational cloning carried out by both, site-specific recombination (Cre/Lox, Flp/FRT, attB/attP, attL/attR...) or by homologous recombination.
  • PCR amplification.
  • Oligonucleotide mutagenesis.
  • Restriction analysis of DNA
  • Gel electrophoresis simulation.
  • DNA/Protein motif searching.
  • Feature searching from user-made libraries.
  • ORF searching.
  • Translate/Retrotranslate DNA/Protein molecules.
  • Etc…
The program is fully compatible with EMBL / GenBank / UniProt  files and can be used as a quick way to produce genetic maps of DNA / Protein sequences obtained from these databases and can also export DNA files to these formats.


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