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Government Funded projects

  • "Despliegue de redes de fibra óptica RFoG y PON para aplicaciones 3DTV y HDTV". Ministerio de Industria, Turismo y Comercio (Plan Avanza Competitividad I+D+I). 2010-2012. 
    • Universityof Santiago de Compostela involved in this project a consultant for the development of 3D video estero productions for network transmission. It tests the adequacy of compression formats for sending information and develops the player for display the video with on active or passive stereo projection or TV-stereo. Televes S.L. Continental Production S.L., University of Vigo and the University of Santiago de Compostela form the  working group.

  • "E.M.I.N. (EMOTIONAL INTERFACE)". Xunta de Galicia. 2010-2012. 
    • EIMEN (Emotional interface). The main objective of this project is developing a virtual human face with an emotional reply. Different expressions can be mapping onto the avatar in order to obtain a better human-machine interaction. The proyect is leader for Continental Games S.L. and hte University of Santiago de compostela.

  • "Impulso de la industria de contenidos digitales desde las universidades. Proyecto de creación del Centro de Producción y Experimentación en Contenidos Digitales de la USC (CEPECD)". RED.ES - Ministerio de Industria, Turismo y Comercio. 2009-2010. 
    • This is an ambicios project within the “Plan Avanza” for the promotion of the audiovisual industry from the Universities. This project was chosen as the first position form the 34 projects presented by  the differents Universities of Spain with a budget of € 1,150,000 for the purchase of different equipment. News, Slide-show.

  • "Motor WII (subproyecto)". Xunta de Galicia. 2009-2010.

    • The goal of this project is to develop an emotional engine that allows more natural human machine interaction. This engine will be designed taking into account its possible use in MIntendo Wii. The working group is formed by the USC and the companies Continental Games S.L., Paralaxe S.L.

  • "Deseño e implementación dun simulador naval inmersivo de baixo custe". Xunta de Galicia. 2008-2010. 

    • The objective of this project is the developmenting of a simulator of ship, navigation and maneuvering, allowing the teaching techniques. The CISC-FERROL and the University of santaigo de Compostela are the main researches in this proyecto. More Info.

  • "Parkinson y realidad virtual"

    • The goal of this proyect is the developed a virtual environement in order to the reabilitacion of the parkinson ills. The application presents reveral environment in which the user have ti interactural in order to increase or control its mobility problems. Video.


Industry Projects

  •  "Ampliación do texturizado do Pórtico da Gloria." Fundación Pedro Barrié de la Maza. (2011). Portico 3DInstruments. News.
    • This proyect is  the update of the proyect developed in 2010 for the Fundacion Pedro Barrie de la Maza with a re-mapping of the textures of the Portico it is interactive real time application. 
  • "Desenvolvemento de software para a corrección de imaxes estereoscópicas". Mediaproducción, S.L. (2010). 
  • "Puesta en valor de la Cripta de la Catedral de Santiago de Compostela mediante la creación de contenidos virtuales." Fundación Pedro Barrié" (2010).  Portico 3DInstruments. News
  •  "Las carrilanas" Xunta de Galicia (2008-2009). Info.
  • "Virtual reconstrution of the Hercules´s lighthouse" , Abertal (2009). Select Proyect.