Research Interests

As a broad target, I am thrilled to inspect evolutionary processes by harnessing the extraordinary advances in molecular biology that we have witnessed during the latest few decades. Consequently, I carry out theoretical developments and bioinformatics tools enabling researchers to perform unconventional genetic analyses of those challenging data.

In order to accomplish this task efficiently, I find it crucial to complete a general and unified mathematical framework for models of genetic effects. In fact, quantitative genetics was founded with Fisher’s theory of genetic effects, about one century ago. Based on this theory, I have established the NOIA model of genetic effects, integrating the functional and the statistical approaches, which had previously been considered as contrasting concepts.

Overall, I currently carry on three simultaneous lines of work:

-          Development of the NOIA model of genetic effects.

-          Implementation of NOIA in gene-mapping tools.

-          (Re)analysis of simulated and real data using NOIA.