Javier Sánchez Hernández

 Departamento de Zooloxía, Xenética e Antropoloxía Física (javier.sanchez@usc.es)
 I am a freshwater ecologist with a main research interest in trophic ecology, including competitive interactions, food-web modelling and biogeographic patterns in feeding. My research touches on a wide variety of aspects of trophic ecology theory, including ontogenetic diet trajectories, individual niche specialisation, competitive exclusion, food resource partitioning among sympatric species and the exploration of competitive coexistence principles to understand stability and functioning of animal assemblages and ecosystems. My research combines empirical data with mathematical modelling and meta-analyses.

Currently, the exploration of biogeographic patterns in feeding is a major, but not exclusive, focus of my research, aiming to explore macroecological hypotheses to uncover consistent patterns in trophic ecology characteristics of organisms, and identify the underlying mechanisms responsible for biogeographic patterns in feeding of animals.