Curriculum Vitae de Héctor Alvarez Pol

Dr. Héctor Alvarez Pol (short CV)(CV completo)


  • “Profesor Titular de Universidad”, Atomic, Molecular and Nuclear Physics, Physics Faculty, University of Santiago de Compostela, since 12/06/2012.


  • PhD in Particle Physics by the University of Santiago de Compostela (European Mention), 19/12/2002 thesis entitled "On the Multiwire Drift Chambers alignment of the HADES dilepton spectrometer", Apto cum Laude (maximum qualification).
  • Degree in Physics by the Univ. of Santiago de Compostela (31/08/1995).

Teaching activities:

  • Director of two PhD works: "An investigation into quasi-free scattering of light neutron-rich nuclei around N=14" by Paloma Díaz Fernández (04/12/2013) and "Prototype of a new calorimeter for the studies of nuclear reactions with relativistic radioactive beams" by Martín Gascón Vazquez (10/12/2010).
  • Director of two “Tesinas de Licenciatura”, two “Diplomas de Estudios Avanzados”, three “Trabajos Fin de Master”, one “Trabajo Fin de Grado” (equivalent to Master or Diploma Thesis).
  • Teaching at the Departamento de Física de Partículas from USC, more than 10 years experience.
  • Positive evaluation (excelence) related to the “Reconocimiento a la labor docente” by ACSUG (Axencia para a Calidade do Sistema Universitario de Galicia), 02/05/2012.


Research activities:

  • More than 130 publications in peer reviewed journals with impact factor. Whole list available under:
  • More than 40 contributions or talks in international and national symposiums.
  • Researcher in more than 30 research proyects between 1999 and 2014, obtained in competitive calls by different funding agencies (european or national contracts).
  • Principal researcher for: "European Nuclear Science and Applications Research (ENSAR) JRA05: SiNuRSE" (from 01/09/2010 tp 31/08/2014) by European Comission and "Deseño e prototipado dun novo calorímetro (CALIFA) para a deteción de fotóns en vo no experimento R3B de FAIR" (from 01/01/2007 to 31/10/2010) by Xunta de Galicia (Spain).
  • Positive evaluation (excelence) related to the "Reconocimiento a la labor investigadora" by ACSUG (Axencia para a Calidade do Sistema Universitario de Galicia), 02/05/2012. "Certificate of achievement of the requirements for production quality and scientific-technology trajectory, with outstanding scientific level" given by Dirección Xeral de Investigación, Desenvolvemento e Innovación (Xunta de Galicia), 01/06/2010.
  • Research periods in GSI, Darmstadt, Germany (3 years); GANIL, Caen, France (4 months); CERN, Geneva, Switzerland (2 months).