Emilio Martínez-Núñez

Profesor Titular. Departamento de Química Física. Facultade de Química. Avda. das Ciencias s/n, 15782. Santiago de Compostela, SPAIN. Email: emilio.nunez@usc.es  

BSc in Chemistry at the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC, 1994), PhD in Chemistry at USC (1999).

Research visits: Varandas (Coimbra, Portugal), Persico (Pisa, Italy), Shalashilin (Leeds, UK) and Hase (Texas Tech, USA).

"Ramón y Cajal" researcher from 2001-2006. Appointed "Profesor Titular" in 2007.

My research is focussed on the development of theoretical models to study chemical reactions. See the publications for details.

Over the last years I've been involved in the development of automated methods to discover chemical reactions: tsscds-2018