Numerical Methods for Hyperbolic Equations – Vázquez-Cendón et al. (eds)
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Preface ix
P. Lax
Foreword xi
E.F. Toro
Scientific committee xv
Sponsors xvii
Thanks! xix

I Invited lectures
Santiago and the Jacobean pilgrimage at the height of the Middle Ages: Mentality and culture 3
F. Singul
Recent developments on the Lagrangian and remapping methods for compressible fluid flows 9
J. Cheng & C.-W. Shu
Coupling of nonlinear hyperbolic systems: A journey from mathematical to numerical issues 21
F. Coquel
Stochastic convergence and the software tool W* 37
R. Kaufman, T. Kaman, Y. Yu & J. Glimm
Numerical relativistic magnetohydrodynamics in dynamical spacetimes 43
J.Ma. Ibáñez
Initiation of reactive blast waves by external energy sources 61
A. Liñán, V. Kurdyumov & A.L. Sánchez
Numerical performance of discontinuous and stabilized continuous Galerkin methods for convection–diffusion problems 75
P.F. Antonietti & A. Quarteroni
The Riemann problem in computational science 87
E.F. Toro

II Recent advances in the numerical computation of environmental conservation laws with source terms
Finite volume discretisation of depth averaged scalar transport equations coupled to shallow water models 107
L. Cea & M.E. Vázquez-Cendón
Modeling of shallow curved flows with 3D unsteady RANS 113
B. Fraga, E. Pena & L. Cea
A finite volume/duality method for Bingham viscoplastic flow 121
J.M. Gallardo, E.D. Fernández-Nieto & P. Vigneaux
Accounting for building effects in shallow waters: Porosity approach, resolved approach and Manning coefficient approach. Comparison and experimental validation 127
M. Garrido, L. Cea, J. Puertas & M.E. Vázquez-Cendón
A numerical approximation for a climatological model with dynamic and diffusive boundary condition 133
A. Hidalgo & L. Tello
A large time step upwind scheme for the shallow water equations with source terms 141
M. Morales-Hernandez, J. Murillo, P. García-Navarro & J. Burguete
Augmented Roe’s approaches for Riemann problems including source terms: Definition of stability region with application to the shallow water equations with rigid and deformable bed 149
J. Murillo & P. García-Navarro

III Multiphase flow and porous media
Dynamics of submerged gravitational granular flows 157
A. Armanini, M. Dumbser, E. Nucci & M. Larcher
Three-phase Eulerian mixture formulation for the collapse of dense-suspension columns in ambient fluid 165
P. Bohorquez

Numerical simulation of three-dimensional transient variably saturated flow 173
D. Caviedes-Voullieme, P. García-Navarro & J. Murillo
Modelling microbial chemo-tactic waves in saturated porous media using AMR 179
S.A.E.G. Falle, N.F. Dudley-Ward & M.S. Olson
Mathematical modeling of heat transfer during quenching process 185
D.N. Passarella, F. Varas & E.B. Martín
Conservative formulation for compressible fluid flow through elastic porous media 193
E. Romenski
On the coupling of compressible and incompressible fluids 201
V. Schleper

IV Numerical methods in astrophysics
Partially implicit high order Runge-Kutta methods for wave-like equations in spherical-type coordinates 211
I. Cordero-Carrión
Approximate Harten-Lax-van Leer Riemann solvers for relativistic magnetohydrodynamics 219
A. Mignone, G. Bodo & M. Ugliano
MUSTA schemes in magnetohydrodynamics and neutrino transfer: Application to core-collapse supernovae and gamma-ray bursts 227
M. Obergaulinger & M.A. Aloy
V Seismology and geophysics modelling
IFCP Riemann solver: Application to tsunami modelling using GPUs 237
M.J. Castro, M. de la Asuncion, J. Macias, C. Parés, E.D. Fernéndez-Nieto, J.M. González-Vida & T. Morales
Dispersive waves generated by an underwater landslide 245
D. Dutykh, D. Mitsotakis, S. Beisel & N. Shokina
Finite volume schemes for balance laws on time-dependent surfaces 251
J. Giesselmann & M. Wiebe
On multilayer shallow water systems 259
T.C. Rebollo, E.D. Fernández-Nieto & E.H. Koné


VI High order methods for hyperbolic conservation laws
Approximate solutions of generalized Riemann problems: The Toro-Titarev solver and the LeFloch-Raviart expansion 267
C.R. Goetz & A. Iske
CFL-Number-dependent TVD-Limiters 277
F. Kemm
Arbitrary high order schemes for transport problems 285
B. Latorre & P. García-Navarro
Efficient numerical solution of the model kinetic equations 293
V.A. Titarev
High order approximations for hyperbolic conservation laws with random initial data 301
S.A. Tokareva, S. Mishra & C. Schwab

VII Finite volume and discontinous Galerkin schemes for stiff source term problems
Some comments on the numerical approximation of hyperbolic nonconservative systems 311
M.L. Muñoz-Ruiz & C. Parés
An explicit discontinuous Galerkin scheme based on a Runge-Kutta predictor with application to magnetohydrodynamics 319
C. Altmann, G. Gassner & C.-D. Munz
VIII Methods and models for biomedical problems
Simulation of an epidemic model with nonlinear cross-diffusion 331
S. Berres & R. Ruiz-Baier
A simple model of filtration and macromolecule transport through microvascular walls 339
L. Facchini, A. Bellin & E.F. Toro
Some issues in modelling venous haemodynamics 347
L. Muller, G. Montecinos & E.F. Toro
Efficient algorithms for the solution of fluid-structure interaction problems in haemodynamic applications 355
M. Pozzoli, C. Vergara & F. Nobile

IX Numerical methods for reactive flows
On the use of moving least squares for pressure discretization in low mach number flows 365
X. Nogueira, I. Colominas, S. Khelladi, F. Bakir & J.-C. Chassaing
Numerical simulation of a pulverized coal jet 371
A. Bermúdez, J.L. Ferrín, A. Liñán & L. Saavedra
A framework for flux-vector splitting schemes 379
M.E. Vázquez-Cendón & E.F. Toro


X Poster
Extension of fourth-order non-oscillatory central schemes to sediment transport equations 389
A. Balaguer-Beser, M.T. Capilla & Ll. Gascón
First approach to the application of operational 4DVAR data assimilation to the regional ocean model system 393
M. Cobas-García, A. Gómez-Tato, C. Cotelo-Queijo, M.E. Vázquez-Cendón, P. Carracedo-García,
P. Costa, B. Gómez-Hombre, J. Trinanes-Fernández & M. Ruiz-Villarreal

Changes in buoyancy-driven instabilities using a reaction-diffusion system 397
D.M. Escala, J. Guiu-Souto, J. Carballido-Landeira, A. Pérez-Munuzuri & M.E. Vázquez-Cendón
A mean gradient method to solve shallow flows 401
J. Fe, F. Navarrina & L. Cueto-Felgueroso
Upwind schemes for non-homogeneous hyperbolic conservation laws with stationary solutions 405
Ll. Gascón, A. Balaguer-Beser & M.T. Capilla

Viscous fingering instabilities in reactive miscible media 409
J. Guiu-Souto, D.M. Escala, J. Carballido-Landeira, A. Pérez-Munuzuri & E. Martín-Ortega

Author index 413