Foto_CV   Alberto Martínez de la Torre

    Ph. Student 
    Non-Linear Physics Group.
    Faculty of Physics, Lab 029. (+34 881 813957) 
    Xosé María Suárez Núñez, s/n. Campus Vida
   15782 Santiago de Compostela, Spain.


  • BS Physics. University of Salamanca.
  • Master: Climatic Risks and Environmental Impact. University Complutense of Madrid. 
  • Ph. D. Project: Climatic Simulations with a Hidrologic-Atmospheric coupled model for the Iberian Peninsula.



  • Introducción a la Física de Fluídos. Licenciatura en Física USC.[web]



  •  My research experience is based in the use of weather forecast models and the LSM (Land Sea Models) coupled to them. I use a groundwater parameterization and study the influence of groundwater dynamics in the LSM behaviour for climatic simulations. I focus in the soil moisture fields spatio-time estructures, the memory that the groundwater reservoir introduce into the soil moisture (it may buffer drought effects), the influence on rver discharge and the land-atmosphere fluxes (evapotranspiration is enhanced when the groundwater dynamics are taken into account on climatic simulations).